New Jersey Quick Kitchen Cabinets

For years, Quick Ship Kitchens has been providing top-quality New Jersey Quick Kitchen Cabinets. We pride ourselves on being steps above the competition. Most cabinet companies lead you to believe that you will either sacrifice quality or time to get your perfect kitchen cabinets. With us, you do not have to. Not only are our cabinets high quality and quick, but they are also backed by a 5-year manufacture warranty and best price guarantee.

Once you see the difference between Quick Ship Kitchens and all other cabinet companies, you won’t go anywhere else. We cannot wait for you to see our superior quality and quick turnaround time. We cannot wait for you to have your perfect kitchen in as little as 2 weeks! Find out more about how our cabinets are the best available.

Why Choose Our New Jersey Quick Kitchen Cabinets?

While other cabinet companies can either offer you quick shipping or high quality, they will rarely guarantee both. The most common shipping timelines for cabinets are five to eight weeks. Not only do they take so long to ship they are also sent out in many pieces that you have to put together yourself. However, if you order from Quick Ship Kitchens, your cabinets will come to your doorstep in one to two weeks.  We can accomplish this by keeping our cabinets in stock and already assembled.

Our New Jersey Quick Kitchen Cabinets are custom factory assembled using solid maple dovetail drawers and plywood box construction. Our cabinets do not use cams, brackets, or clips like cheap RTA cabinets. We provide top-quality Wolf Cabinets to all of our customers to be able to offer speed, affordability, and style. We also offer door samples so that you can see the quality of our cabinets and match them to the rest of your home.

Designing Your Kitchen

Without help from a general contractor or a kitchen designer, it may be difficult to know what you need for your kitchen cabinets. Here at Quick Ship Kitchens, our designers are here to assist you in designing and ordering your cabinets. Our Design Guide comes in three easy steps, which will help you sketch and layout your kitchen to better assist us in helping with your quote.

From there you can send us your layout, accessories that you desire, and current kitchen images so that we can help you put together what you need for your new kitchen design with your budget and designs in mind. We will use all of your information to create a quote for your new kitchen cabinets.

Ordering Your New Jersey Quick Kitchen Cabinets?

After hearing back from our design team, it is incredibly easy to put together your kitchen using our online store. You can easily purchase your dream kitchen from the comfort of your home. Once you have picked the style of cabinets that fit your home, you can select any of the cabinets or accessories that you need. All of our cabinets come with a touch-up kit to extend the life of your cabinets for years to come.

While shopping for your new kitchen, you can also pick all of the hardware for your kitchen with Quick Ship Kitchens. With our wide variety of hardware, you will find many different finishes and styles to match the rest of your home.

Since all of our cabinets are already custom factory assembled and in-stock, your New Jersey Quick Kitchen Cabinets will arrive at your home or business in as little as one to two weeks, Once your cabinets come in you will want to check to make sure there was no damage in the shipping process. Make sure to note and take pictures of any and all damage to send to us within two weeks. We will make sure to make it right and get your new cabinets to you quickly.

Enjoying Your Kitchen Cabinets

After your cabinets are in, countertops and sink are placed, and appliances are installed it is time to cook yourself an amazing dinner in your spectacular new kitchen. Once you realize how easy creating a new kitchen can be, you won’t hesitate to tell your friends and family how they can get their very own New Jersey Quick Kitchen Cabinets. We are here to guarantee the same speed and quality for anyone you know. Just contact us today to learn about our Quick Ship Kitchens.