Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen Islands are a great addition to any kitchen. Whether you’re looking to renovate your island or add a new one, Quick Ship Kitchens is here to help! With our high-quality cabinetry and speedy delivery, you’ll be so happy to see your Kitchen Island Ideas become a reality.

Start with our design help guide when it comes time for your new kitchen renovations. Our design team can help you pick the cabinets perfect for your whole kitchen, not just the island. Contact us today to learn more.

Kitchen Island Ideas are Endless

Cabinets OnlineKitchen islands can be as simple as a countertop. Some kitchen islands can house appliances like microwaves, stoves, ovens, and dishwashers. It all depends on the layout of your kitchen. Kitchen Islands are usually in the middle of the house, so they may even function as an eating space.

Your Kitchen Island Ideas could include all or none of these things, and Quick Ship Kitchens is here with the know-how and tools to make sure you get the features you want.  Start with our Design help guide and check all the features you want to include in your island. Storage features like wastebasket cabinets, three drawer bases, and wine racks.

At Quick Ship Kitchens, we also sell vanity tops. These vanity tops are the cherry on top of your new kitchen sundae. They come in a variety of colors, so they’ll look great with your new cabinets. Our vanity tops can even be cut to include a sink, faucet, or holes for your sink. At Quick Ship Kitchens, there is no limit to what can be included in your new kitchen island.

High-Quality Kitchen Island Cabinets

Kitchen Island Ideas start at Quick Ship KitchensWe understand if you’re skeptical. Kitchen island cabinets at a great price from an online retailer seem almost too good to be true. That’s why we let you try before you buy. We offer 19 different door options to match the style and color you’re looking for. Pick one of our doors and we’ll send you one free sample so you can experience this superior cabinet quality for yourself. You even can purchase additional samples at a minimum cost.

Most of our cabinets are Wolf Classic Cabinets. They are perfect for accommodating your Kitchen Island Ideas.  With over 175 years in the business of cabinetry, Wolf Classic is known for its all-wood factory-assembled construction and exceptional value, quality, and delivery speed. They are handcrafted, combining generations of woodworking expertise with today’s latest technologies. Solid hardwood components and a state-of-the-art finishing system produce a consistently beautiful and long-lasting appearance.

Wolf Classic cabinets are made with the highest quality hardware without brackets, cams, or clips. The face frames are made with ¾” solid maple and drawers have a 75 lb rating. All of our American Made Cabinets come standard with solid wood dovetail drawers and all-plywood box construction. All cabinets and hardware come with a 5-year warranty and a variety of accessory and storage options.

Kitchen Island Cabinets Sent Directly to You

Kitchen Islands come in a variety of shapes and sizesAt Quick Ship Kitchens, we wanted to focus on product quality and speed. To do this, we had to cut the things that slowed us down. Like middlemen, salespeople, storefronts, and delivery teams.  We want you to start implementing your Kitchen Island Ideas when you’re ready for them, not weeks later. Our delivery vehicles ship your cabinets to your job or worksite within 7-14 business days. This is far better than the 5-8 weeks you might experience at other stores.

When your cabinets arrive, you’ll want to inspect them for damages just in case. If you notice any damage, call our customer service line with 14 days of your delivery and we can help set things right. Our cabinets come pre-assembled, but you will have to do some work to install them into your kitchen. If you can handle a drill and a hammer, you can install your new kitchen island cabinets into your home.

Carry Our Your Kitchen Island Ideas With Help From Quick Ship Kitchens

Quick Ship Kitchens is here to help you realize your Kitchen Island Ideas sooner. If you’ve been dragging your feet on kitchen renovations, Quick Ship Kitchens is just what you need to achieve your goals. We’re with you every step of the way with our design help guide and excellent customer service. Contact us today to learn more.