Philadelphia Pre-Built Cabinets

Philadelphia Pre-Built Cabinets

What is one of the most important elements of a kitchen? Is it the refrigerator? Is it the sink? Or is it the storage from the Philadelphia Pre-Built Cabinets? When people buy a home, they look for homes with a large kitchen with a lot of storage. When it comes to storage, Quick Ship Kitchens has the pre-built, stock cabinets for you! If you are interested in using Quick Ship Kitchens to provide you with budget-friendly cabinets that will make any kitchen look modern and sleek. If you want to update your cabinets, contact Quick Ship Kitchens today! 

Why Should You Buy Your Philadelphia Pre-Built Cabinets from Quick Ship Kitchens? 

Quick Ship Kitchens provides homeowners with American-made, budget-friendly cabinets, however, there are so many reasons why buying your Philadelphia Pre-Built Cabinets from us would be the smart choice. 

  • Solid Cabinet Construction
    Quick Ship Kitchens is a vendor for  Classic Wolf cabinets. Wolf cabinets are made with solid hardwood components and constructed with no cams, brackets, or clips. All of our cabinet drawers have dove-tail edges with plywood construction. The cabinet face frames are made with ¾ inch-solid maple wood and look great! Click here to learn more about Classic Wolf Cabinets! 

  • Amazing Customer Support
    Quick Ship Kitchens not only provides inexpensive cabinets but we also have excellent customer service. We offer customers a 5-year warranty, and a maintenance guide to keep your cabinets looking pristine, and we throw in a touch-up kit on purchases over $499. These touch-up kits are also available for $48 if you need one. We also offer fast delivery! Our Philadelphia Pre-Built Cabinets can be shipped in 1-2 weeks as opposed to the typical industry standard of 5-8 weeks. We care about our customers and we want to give you the best user experience. Have a question about your order? Contact us now to help you get your answer! We would love to talk to you!

  • Tons of Color and Design Choices
    One of the great things about Quick Ship Kitchens is the selection of cabinets and countertops we have available to buy. With 5 different cabinet styles that come in 9 different colors, you are sure to find something that will give you the kind of kitchen you want. Check out our list of cabinets and countertops available, so you find something that matches your aesthetic and lifestyle.

  • Free Design Services
    One of our customers’ favorite features is Quick Ship Kitchen’s free design help service. With this service, you can see what our cabinets would look like in your kitchen. All you need to do is submit a layout of your kitchen, photos of your kitchen, and a description of what your goals and style are for your kitchen. After you submit those drawings and photos, our team of designers will work on providing you with a 3D layout of your “new” kitchen, a drawing of your “new” kitchen, and an itemized description of your kitchen. This is a great feature that guarantees what you are buying, or possibly buying, is the right fit for you!

What You Need to Know About Quick Ship Kitchens

Quick Ship Kitchens started in 2018 with the sole purpose of providing homeowners with affordable and quality kitchen cabinets. Our Philadelphia Pre-Built Cabinets are perfect for any home and any kitchen. As a proud distributor of Classic Wolf Cabinets, we can guarantee that your cabinets will not only be sturdy and stunning but they are also made with excellence. All of the  Classic Wolf cabinets that we sell are made in America with the perfect blend of handmade techniques with machine-like efficiency when it comes to our cabinets. With every cabinet or countertops we not only use solid hardwood components and dovetail corners, but we also take pride in our craftsmanship. Quick Ship Kitchen is your best bet for getting quality cabinets at a respectable price, so don’t hesitate! Check out our products and upgrade your kitchen’s look today! 

Buy Your New Kitchen Cabinets From Quick Ship Kitchens Now! 

Are you looking for your newest set of pre-built cabinets to liven up your kitchen? Look no further than Quick Ship Kitchens because we guarantee that you will get the kind of cabinets that will completely transform your kitchen. Whether you are looking for classic white cabinets or something that will really make your kitchen pop, we have what you are looking for! Buy our American-made cabinets with solid wood components at Quick Ship Kitchens! Contact us today to get your order started!