Online Cabinet Design

You’re finally ready for the big kitchen upgrade you’ve always wanted. But when you met with a contractor or designer, their quotes were way more than you wanted to spend. If you’re looking for a way to design a kitchen while saving money and not sacrificing quality, then listen up. Quick Ship Kitchen offers Online Cabinet Design for project starters just like you. We want you to love your kitchen without going bankrupt.

With Quick Ship Kitchens, designing a new kitchen is not only easy, but it’s fast too! We’ll break down the process for you step by step so you can start enjoying your new kitchen sooner.

Step 1: Use Our Design Help Guide

Our Design Help Guide is an excellent planning tool. Mapping out your kitchen is important for you to decide on which features you want where so you can have a clear image of your Online Cabinet Design in mind.

Online Cabinet Design Is Easy With Quick Ship Kitchens Design Help GuideOur guide is broken down into easy-to-follow steps. First, sketch your kitchen layout and take measurements. We provide graph paper you can use. Your measurements need to be accurate and include obstacles like doorways, appliances, and windows. Second, you’ll take pictures of your current kitchen and submit them to us. Finally, you’ll fill out our form with any additional features you want to see if your Online Cabinet Design.

Once everything is submitted, our design team will send you a complete itemized quote for your new kitchen. If you have any design and cabinet questions, you can always contact us for more information and help. With your quote, you can compare it to other cabinet retailers. If you manage to find a store that will offer you the same cabinets at a lower price, send it to us. We back our products with the lowest price guarantee. We will examine quotes from competitive retailers, and if we find your quote is the less for the same high-quality cabinets, we’ll match it.

Step 2: Request Samples

Now that you have a quote for your kitchen, you’ll probably want to experience the quality for yourself before you make such a big investment. We understand that it’s hard to trust an Online Cabinet Design company instead of a big box store. That’s why we offer door samples. Take your sample to other stores and compare the quality. We know you’ll be so impressed with our cabinets; you know you’ll have made the right choice by going with Quick Ship Kitchens.

Step 3: Order Your Wolf Classic Cabinets

When you get your sample door, you might be hesitant that the box or the drawer is of poor quality. But we promise you that every piece and part of your cabinet will be up to the durability standards you require. Most of our cabinets are Wolf Classic Cabinets. They are made in America using American Maple and the highest quality hardware without brackets, cams, or clips. The face frames are made with ¾” solid maple and drawers have a 75 lb rating. All of our cabinets come standard with solid wood dovetail drawers and an all plywood box construction.

With over 175 years in the business of cabinetry, Wolf Classic is one of the fastest-growing and one of the most popular cabinet lines in America. All cabinets and hardware come with a 5-year warranty and a variety of accessory and storage options to enhance not only kitchen aesthetics but functionality. All of our cabinets have certifications from the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) and Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA).

Step 4: Installation

Because of Wolf Classic’s superior technology that combines generations of woodworking expertise with today’s latest technologies, your Online Cabinet Design will be completed and delivered to you quickly. We directly ship your cabinets in 1-2 weeks to your home instead of 5-8 weeks. This beats most standard industry wait times, so you can enjoy your kitchen sooner.

When your cabinets arrive, you’ll want to inspect them for damages just in case. If you notice any damage, call our customer service line with 14 days of your delivery and we can help set things right. Our cabinets also come standard with touch up kits. Each kit includes a putty fill stick, touch up marker, and a bottle of top coat.

Enjoy Your kitchen sooner when you start with Quick Ship Kitchens Our cabinets come pre-assembled by the manufacturer and are ready for install. If you can handle a drill and a hammer, you can install your new Online Cabinet Design into your home.

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Online Cabinet Design In Your Kitchen

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your brand-new kitchen. With all the money you saved you can probably afford some extra features or new cookware for your upgraded kitchen. The options are endless when you create an Online Cabinet Design with Quick Ship Kitchens. Contact us today to get started designing your brand new kitchen cabinets.