American Made Cabinets

When it comes to buying cabinets online, you might be a little concerned because you can’t go to a store to test out the quality. At Quick Ship Kitchens, we understand the need to see things for yourself. When we show you how much money you’ll save on American Made Cabinets in your new kitchen for yourself, you’ll be impressed.

Quick Ship Kitchens promises no deliver high-quality cabinets at an affordable price. How do we do this? By cutting out the middlemen. We don’t have stores, or showrooms, or salespeople because that’s all fluff that drives up the price. Our customers tell us what they want and we make it happen for them. Experience a different kind of kitchen remodeling process when you order your new kitchen cabinets from Quick Ship Kitchens.

Reasons Why You Should Buy American Made Cabinets Online

Most of our cabinets are Wolf Classic Cabinets. These are American Made Cabinets made with American Maple. All cabinets and hardware come with a 5-year warranty and a variety of accessory and storage options to enhance not only kitchen aesthetics but functionality. All of our cabinets have certifications from the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) and Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA).

Wolf Classic Cabinets are American Made Kitchen Cabinets

1. Samples

Seeing is believing. And we want you to believe that our American Made Cabinets are great because they are. Wolf Classic framed cabinetry line is known for its all-wood factory assembled construction and exceptional value, quality, and delivery speed.

We offer 19 different door options to match the style and color you’re looking for. Pick one of our doors and we’ll send you a sample so you can experience this superior cabinet quality for yourself. You even can purchase additional samples at a minimum cost. A kitchen remodel is a big investment, and we guarantee your investment will pay off when you order from Quick Ship Kitchens.

American Made Cabinets from Wolf Classic2. High-Quality Cabinetry

Once you get your door sample, you’re initially going to be impressed. But you also might still be skeptical. Our boxes could be made with particleboard, our drawers might not be able to hold heavy objects, or our quality could be limited. We could do all of those things, but we won’t. You don’t want poor quality kitchen cabinets, and we don’t want to sell you lackluster cabinets.

Wolf Classic Cabinets are the best quality for your money. With over 175 years in the business of cabinetry, Wolf Classic is known for its all-wood factory-assembled construction and exceptional value, quality, and delivery speed. They are handcrafted, combining generations of woodworking expertise with today’s latest technologies. Solid hardwood components and a state-of-the-art finishing system produce a consistently beautiful and long-lasting appearance.

Wolf Classic cabinets are made with the highest quality hardware without brackets, cams, or clips. The face frames are made with ¾” solid maple and drawers have a 75 lb rating. All of our American Made Cabinets come standard with solid wood dovetail drawers and all-plywood box construction. All cabinets and hardware come with a 5-year warranty and a variety of accessory and storage options.

3. Get Extra Features

When you start designing a new kitchen, you want to add features that help with organization and storage space. We give you all of the cool kitchen storage options you’ve seen on television. Start with our design help guide to get a quote on your new kitchen. You’ll send us your pictures and measurements and be sure to add all the cool features you want to be included. Your New American Made Cabinets can include features such as wine racks, lazy susans, three drawer bases, and even crown moldings.

4. Quick Turnaround and Delivery Time

With Wolf Cabinetry’s streamlined finishing process and our speedy delivery, our customers enjoy their new kitchens sooner than if they ordered them through a store! They don’t call us “Quick Ship” for nothing. All of our American Made Cabinets will arrive in 1-2 weeks to your home, project, or new building. Most other cabinet companies take 5-8 weeks to deliver your cabinets.

When your cabinets arrive, you’ll want to inspect them for damages just in case. If you notice any damage, call our customer service line with 14 days of your delivery and we can help set things right. Our cabinets also come standard with touch up kits. Each kit includes a putty fill stick, touch up marker, and a bottle of top coat, so you can help keep your cabinets beautiful, even with future accidental damage.

5. Low Price Guarantee

We say we save you time and money on a new kitchen, but you’re not going to realize that until you do some price comparing yourself. Take your quote from Quick Ship Kitchens and compare it to other cabinet stores. If you get another of the same American Made Cabinets and manufacturer from another competitive retailer that is lower in price, we will match it. That’s our low-price guarantee.

Extra features can be added to your American Made Cabinets

We will review the pricing from both quotes and match it. We bet it will be hard to find another company that comes anywhere close to our quality, price, and delivery speed. The savings grow even more when you learn more about free shipping and bulk ordering.

Order Your American Made Cabinets From Quick Ship Kitchens Today

American Made Cabinets from Quick Ship Kitchens offer exceptional value and delivery speed. Stop putting off your kitchen renovation today, and order new cabinets from Quick Ship Kitchens.